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Arcana: The Empress Izumi Yue
["Well, what now?"]
Yue's decent enough. It pisses Linda off that she's actually good at the things she does, but she keeps Yuki in line when Linda can't do it herself, so it's alright.

Arcana: The Lovers Florian Faulkner
["You shut up too."]
Florian is probably the only person out of her immediate family that she actually does like, and she'd do pretty much anything for him. In fact, she might be a little overprotective, what with banning him from joining SEESIT and all, but she doesn't care.

Arcana: The Chariot Kaito Miller
["[Instead of a quote, imagine a middle finger.]"]
You shot her. And Florian. Especially Florian. Go die.

Arcana: The Hanged Man Paru
["S-Stop asking about me and Idane, it's none of your business!"]
Linda really does like Paru a lot! Really! It's just. Her relationship with Idane or possible lack thereof is their business only, and whenever Paru asks about it it's really embarrassing. However, Linda respects Paru as her leader and intends to follow whatever rules she sets as far as SEESIT goes.

Arcana: The Moon Idane Yuki
["I-I, uh..."]
Linda loev Yuki. Not that she's going to admit this to anyone but him and maybe Paru if it'll get her off her back. She really wishes that he'd stand up for himself more often and absolutely can not stand it when he apologizes or laughs or does, well. Anything stepfordlike because it's so obviously feigned and he sounds nervous and she hates that he has to be nervous around her because she really does care about him a lot!

Arcana: The Moon Sakakibara Shino
Shino is. Weird. She understands that what she sees isn't the same as what a normal person sees, but that doesn't exactly change things. She's nice enough, though.
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